Traffic Models / Mental Models

This is a helpful and comprehensive list of mental models and shortcuts: "All models are false, but some are useful."

This is a project I did with one of my classmates (Annabelle Gamet) on predicting traffic accidents in Cambridge, MA.

Voice User Interfaces and NLP

There's some really exciting new research on advances in speech recognition technology. Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are quickly becoming faster, more accurate and more intuitive alternatives to the archaic QWERTY keyboard.

Ping Pong

This WSJ article asks: Are Ping Pong tables a leading indicator?

BELOW: Some creative reimagining of the Ping Pong table itself...

Optimization and Daily Fantasy Sports

I don't really know the world of daily fantasy sports (DFS), but I love my friendly fantasy hockey league and regularly follow the NHL. I was especially pleased to hear from two of my professors this week who've found a way to use integer optimization to consistently win dozens of top lineups on Draft Kings NHL. They've generously shared their code via GitHub and published their research results at the following LINK

One of my all-time favs. The Jagr mullet!

One of my all-time favs. The Jagr mullet!

Rotman Design Challenge

I went with four classmates to the Rotman Design Challenge this month at the University of Toronto. It's one of the few design-focused case competitions out there that emphasizes hybrid (design + business) thinking. This year's challenge was sponsored by Fidelity Labs: We generated a bunch of new ideas to help Fidelity build financial literacy across generations.  

Adobe XD

Adobe recently released a light preview of Experience Design (XD) CC, a product within Creative Cloud that helps users quickly create and share interactive prototypes for apps and websites. It's a timely response to other UI/Wireframing products like Sketch. I am excited to see Adobe develop XD further. 

Wise Words From Douglas Martin / Ken Robinson

Martin: “Questions about whether design is necessary or affordable are quite beside the point. 
Design is inevitable. The alternative to good design is bad design, not no design at all.” 

Robinson: "Creativity is the process of generating original ideas that have value."

Back from CES

Las Vegas was totally surreal.
I had a very engaging and enjoyable panel discussion at CES on Wednesday with Jamie Gutfreund and Lance Shields about Generation Z: There's obviously a huge appetite for more research on this complicated and influential demographic. We saw a ton of new products related to VR, 360 videography, drones, smart home and wearables. 
I also got to watch an impressive 8K TV (!) and indulge my Matrix fantasies... All in all, a good trip!

Lance Shields, Co-Founder of iiD 

Lance Shields, Co-Founder of iiD 

Sounds like I'm an emotional support dog :)

Sounds like I'm an emotional support dog :)